Aegina is one of those islands that has a lot to offer to its visitors, a place where you can go off-the-beaten-track to discover its hidden treasures and experience its beauty, like a local!
Aegina is a great place for walking to marvel at the beautiful scenery and the remains of Aegina's fascinating history. A detailed trailing map guides you through the beautiful path around Mountain Ellanio, which includes scenic ancient trails, such as the trail from Sfentouri to Elaionas, the route from Marathonas beach to Pachia Rachi and from there, to the Monastery of Panagia Chrysoleontissa that offers stunning vistas.
You may also stroll around the eastern part of the island taking the route that begins at Mesagros and ends at the temple of Aphaia, where you can admire its Doric architecture and learn about its history.
Take the time to follow the paths in Paleochora, the old town of Aegina, and explore this “ghost town” (as the locals call it), also known as the “Island Mystras”, alluding to the fortified town that is in Peloponnese. Paleochora is adorned with many Byzantine churches and once there, you should visit the picturesque monastery of Agios Nektarios, one of the largest in the Balkans.

While walking, make sure to pack a little picnic in your bag, something light and nutritious to get you going, like some local pistachios; You simply cannot visit Aegina and not try Aegina’s famous pistachios, since they are super delicious and nutricious and what is more, they are considered to be the best pistachio variety in the Mediterranean!
The locals are so proud for this local delicacy that they hold a festival dedicated to this tasty nut, called “The Fistiki Fest”, that takes place each year around mid-September.
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