The FabAeginaVillas team consists of experienced professionals in the field of vacation home rentals across Greece.
The team recently decided to "find their base" focusing on a favorite island that brings together all the advantages of the Greek tourist product.

Aegina has a range of features that makes it a popular and safe choice, fulfilling the promises of the summer holidays in Greece: The natural beauty (beautiful beaches, lush landscapes, picturesque harbors) and the ideal weather conditions, the rich history and cultural heritage, the warmth and hospitality of the locals, the proximity to Athens (one can be found on the island within 2 hours after landing at Athens airport), the advantage of not being considered as one of the top Greek destinations (many parts of the island are still untouched by tourist infrastructure), the good food at reasonable prices.
These are elements that make Aegina a beautiful destination for families and friends.

For the above reasons, many (mainly) Athenians have loved the island, buying pieces of land and building with love and care, tasteful vacation homes to house their families.
A collection of such carefully selected residences is what you will find in the portfolio of FabAeginaVillas.
From small and beautiful to luxurious and premium, our residences on the island, covering a wide range of budgets, are waiting to accommodate your holidays.
We are here to help you with everything you need.

Yours sincerely,
The team of FabAeginaVillas
Fab Aegina Villas
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